Digiland and Thom Beers in Variety Magazine

Thom Beers, Back in TV Production Game,
Also Is Owner of a Shared Studio and Creative Workspace



Thom Beers, who ankled as CEO of FremantleMedia North America a year ago, has formed a new TV production shingle, BoBCat, located at an office-studio complex in Burbank, Calif., part of which used to house the 50 cars for “Monster Garage,” the show he produced for Discovery Channel a decade ago.

Now he’s wearing another hat, too: landlord. Beers has established Digiland, which he describes as combining the shared office-space business model of WeWork with the production facilities of Google’s YouTube Spaces.

“I’m not looking for people who just need a desk,” said Beers. “I wanted to turn it into a creative, shared workspace — to find people doing some cool things, and hang out.”

One reason he launched Digiland: His new production company simply doesn’t need the entire 45,000 square feet of space, which he owns. Beers said he had received two offers from large tech companies to lease the space; but that, he claims, “kind of took the fun out of it.”


Read more here: http://variety.com/2016/digital/news/thom-beers-digiland-bobcat-tv-production-1201836527/