Questions to ask before you start marketing your product


Marketing for the digital disrupter can be daunting. You spend all your startup resources on development, only to finally launch and not think about the next steps: letting people know.  Why is it that so many new entrepreneurs spend time to find funding for development, and time on development, without consideration of the launch phase? Preparing for launch needs an equal amount of time and resources. While development happens, a separate workstream of effort needs to go into planning for 3 upcoming phases:

  1. Test phase – think about and plan for how you will test your product with a focus group or small customer segment before official launch.
  2. Launch phase – think about and plan for how you will market your product to your audience – what will be your launch timing, Will you have a website? Will you spend on PR, paid media, social? Having a budget is crucial, but the leg work and strategy is paramount, and needs thought well in advance.
  3.  Post Launch phase – now that you’ve delivered your product to the market, you continually test, take that feedback, and iterate again if needed (fix and tweak is a constant evolution). Now you need to gain more momentum on marketing and building trust.

Product Marketing is a long term strategy, that parallels the growth of your product.

Here are some questions to ask before you get going with your marketing by an article I read and loved: 10 Questions To Ask Before You Do Any Marketing

It’s fun to think about getting our products and services in the hands of the people we want to serve. In our rush to increase brand awareness we often overestimate the importance and impact of short-term, tactical marketing decisions. It’s possible to put things in perspective by answering some questions about your objectives before you begin. Read More


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Written by Gilli Moon.
Gilli is a digital + creative disrupter and writer. 
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