Let’s get real: working in an office sucks. But working at Digiland is like working at home.

Hello Creative Disrupter!

Let’s get real: working in an office sucks. Too many suits and ties, too many unnecessary meetings, too much bureaucracy. When all you want to do is write that film script, develop that mobile app, and figure out your first or next $ million dollars, I hear you scream, “get me out of dodge!”

We hear you.   Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could work for yourself, surrounded by inspiring tech and creative disrupters, in an environment that is screaming opportunity, but quietly relaxing like the home you’ve always wanted.

Welcome to DIGILAND. The beauty of our facility is just one core aspect of why you should lay your hat and office here. We host thriving television, editing, music and tech production suites here. We have space for a 500 person event. We have meeting rooms. We have parking. We have coffee.

All nestled a few blocks from Burbank Airport and amongst the historic hub for media, tech and entertainment — home to many of the most iconic innovators and companies across each  industry –  DIGILAND reflects the depth of Burbank’s rich and disruptive history, while tuning into the changing times of today’s tech-driven economy.

DIGILAND is a unique new collaborative environment, the first inclusive, shared work space with studios in the San Fernando Valley, owned by 3 time Emmy Award winning producer Thom Beers (BOBCat, Deadlines Catch, Ice Road Truckers, Storage  Wars, 1000 Ways To Die).

Open Desks are $499/month. You pick a chair, or a comfy lounge, or a spot on The Porch outside, and off you go. Access to our facility, come and go as your please, and be surrounded by amazing entrepreneurs in media, entertainment and tech and YES, a few celebrities popping in from time to time  – all in a little piece of heaven that feels BETTER than home: DIGILAND.

Interested to take a free tour? Email kiki@joindigiland.com

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